Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Creepmas Day 10: Goosebumps

Mass produced horror novels for kids! R. L. Stine was a machine, it seemed like he cranked out a new book every week!

If you keep an eye out at the DIs, Goodwills, and Savers you can often spot Goosebumps for about 50 cents a pop. 

If you follow the blog you may recall that I found the Goosebumps Shrieks and Spiders Game last Halloween, and I was missing just one "pog"! Well, I found another copy of the game and I was able to complete my original copy! Now I have some perfect Creepmas cards to mail out! Give me a shout out if you want a set of Goosebumps cards. The pogs are more limited, but what can ya do?

Merry Creepmas!


  1. Mason this is awesome and you know I'm down for a Goosebumps Creepmas Card!

    1. A full set of 5 cards and a pog is as good as yours! Along with that Creepmas package I have had set aside for you for the longest time. Should arrive before Christmas. :)

    2. Awesome....Thanks bud! Your Creepmas Package is in the mail as well. So be on the lookout.

    3. Wow man, thank you! You have sent me so much! I hope me Creepmas package can live up to the awesomeness of your surprise packs. I really enjoyed the last package you sent, especially the post card!

      Speaking of Goosebumps, I just remebered a Goosebumps The Movie is in the works and set to release April 2016! Starring Jack Black, I wonder what story or stories they'll focus on.

      Trailer. :

    4. I should check out links before I post them, lol! The video is basically a news reporter learning what a comic con is. They do mention The Goosebumps Movie though.