Monday, October 9, 2017

2017 Cringe Worthy Halloween Costume

Halloween City 2017 Cringefest

 The crapfest begins with Captain Poop!



 Hippie costume.

 Honey, I have the perfect couples Halloween costume, it's "the breast"!  Har har har!


 What am I even looking at here?  Plastic Botchery? Yikes!

 There is nothing sexy about a woman dressing up like Mario.  Or a "Perky Plumber".

 This one is on the fence.  The Baby costume can be innocent enough, but it is dangerously close to being in fetish territory.

 More fetish stuff.  This is not what Halloween is about.

Spirit Halloween 2017 Cringefest

Spirit Halloween set the bar low.  This one wins the shameful crown of most distasteful Halloween costume of 2017.  I mean seriously, that's messed up.

 More literal crap costumes!  Poop emoji, will your smell forever linger?

 Not distasteful, just lame.

 I don't even "get" this one.


Woopie Cushion guy is the life of the party! POOOT!

So these are the trashiest costumes I saw in person this year.  What utter gabage did you unearth this year?


  1. I can not believe this CRAP exists!

  2. Skeleboner? Light socket? Naked censored man? Seriously?

    1. I can't believe people wear these costumes!