Sunday, October 1, 2017

Halloween 2017 Mixtape

I have been putting together "mixtapes" for a few years now.  Not in the traditional sense, rather I pick and pull songs from YouTube and create a playlist.  I was creating themed playlists for every month of the year, but I got burned out on that.  Now I just create Halloween (and Creepmas) playlists every year.  I hope you enjoy these spooky tunes while you wash your dishes on a dark and stormy night.  

Side A

1. Adventure Time - Stakes Intro
2. Minecraft - Halloween Mashup Pack 
3. Stranger Things 2 - Comic Con Trailer
4. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Phantom Song (Tom Phan)
5. Unsolved Mysteries - Opening Theme

Side B

1. The Misfits - Halloween
2. The Best of Retro Video Games - Pacman
3. The 'Burbs - Main Theme/End Credits
4. Silent Hill 2 - Ashes and Ghosts
5. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen - Very, Very, Very Unbelievably Scary

"Hidden" Tracks

Over The Garden Wall - Patient is The Night
Over The Garden Wall - Finale 

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