Thursday, October 12, 2017

Spirit Halloween: Zombiepocalypse Action Set AKA "Green Zombie Family"

They were marked at $4.99, but they were actually rang up to at $2.

 Here they are in the rotting flesh!

 Psychopath Guy.  With severed head a human flesh mask.

 The Kids. Is she scared, or just hungry?

 Hello Zombie Nurse. With arm in tow.

 The Biter. Contrary to popular belief, zombies will eat more than brains.

 The Freaks.  No armed man and zombie Hulk Hogan with a flesh tear?

 Tripod.  Mangy mutt, zombie dogs seem to retain their speed in death.

AND, Barrel Full O' Zombie!

Overall a fantastic set of zombies!  And for less than 25 cents a piece, you really can't go wrong here!  Stay tuned for more new zombie minifigure reviews.


  1. Nice pick up!Did you hear about the Dollar Tree Zombie mini plastic figures?They're decent.

    1. I did spot the Dollar Tree zombies on the Fantasy Toy Soldier blog. I will review them next. You can never have too many zombies! :)

  2. Nice! I was going to say the same thing as Tony did. I plan on picking up the Zombies this weekend.

    1. The Fantasy Toy Soldiers blog alerted me of the Greenbrier Dollar Tree zombies. they're great too! If you haven't seen that blog before you should check it out. :)