Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Candy 2015 - Top and Bottom 10

It's time for an obligatory best/worst Halloween candy post!

Fist, the bad news:

The Bottom 10
(This list hasn't changed much)

10.  Tootsie Rolls- Fake chocolate 

9.  Fireballs- Too hot! They burn your taste buds right off!

8.   Dots- Stick to your teeth, not that good.  Only good for decorating ginger bread houses.

7.  Candy Corn- Great for decorating for Halloween, tastes like wax.

6.  Taffy- This stuff is parade fodder!  Plus, Ava had taffy in her Halloween pail and the wrappers don't  hold in the sticky, nasty mess that then gets all over the good candy!

5.   Good N' Plenty- Please, NO! 

4.  Bit-O-Honey- More like Bit-O-Hard-Nasty-Candy!

3.  Necco Waffers- chalky, inedible substance. 

2.  Circus Peanuts- Very similar to packaging peanuts in taste and consistency

1.  Anything that isn't candy, i.e. coins, toothbrushes, toothpaste, pretzels, chips (we seriously got a fun size bag of Doritos!), raisins, fruit snacks, pop corn balls, apples, granola bars, mixed nuts, cotton candy.  Cool toys are the only exception!

Nasty runners up: Life Savers, Smarties, Werther's Caramels, Whoppers, Bazooka Joe bubble gum, candy canes, peppermints, and gummy candies.

And now, with those abominations out of the way, on to the good stuff!

The Top 10
This list doesn't change much either, but this year there were some great new contenders.

10.  Jolly Ranchers- Yes, a non-chocolate candy made the top 10! Also, perfect for making your teeth stick together.

9.  Spooky Nerds- They're really popular these days, even without any chocolate

8.  Snickers- Watch that creepy commercial

7.  Milky Way Carmel Apple flavor- Chocolaty carmel apple flavor without having to fumble around with real apples

6.  Starbursts- Non-chocolate keeps making a comeback 

5. Mr. Goodbars- What can I say? They're good!

4. 3 Muskyfears (3 Musketeers)- this made the list mostly because it reminds me of Super Mario RPG.

3.  Orange, White, and Milk Chocolate Kit Kats

2.  Peanuts (the comic strip by Charles Shultz) Crunch Bars

And the uncontended winner is.....

1.  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups/Peanut Butter Pumpkin


  1. What is it about Tootsie Rolls that everybody loves? I'm with you, they are so gross! My #1 is Almond Joy another one that is not so popular Happy Halloween!

    1. Yeah, they're okay, but Tootsie Rolls are just bad enough to make the bottom 10.

      I like Almond Joys too, they get a lot of hate.I hope you were able to stock pile a bunch for Halloween! :)