Thursday, October 22, 2015

Rubber Halloween Specimens

Over the past couple of months I have found some awesome rubber monster toys at the DI.  Let's talk about that.

I love these little guys!  They don't make Halloween bats like this anymore, with the exception of bats that are purposely made with a "vintage style".  I'm pretty sure these are both vintage bats, probably in the 70's-80's range.

A "HONG KONG" marking is the best indication that you have a vintage piece.
Also, vintage rubber critters tend to have a mouth that is connected to the hollow stomach.  Be careful, they have a mean bite!

This was another cheap DI find.  I honestly don't know if it is a vintage rat, or if it is one of those "vintage style" reproductions.  I have seen these retail recently.  Either way though she's a fun classic toy with nice squeak action.

I love those whiskers!

This Salamander was a must have! When I was a kid we would catch salamanders by the lake at by Grandparent's home and keep them as pets.  He looks pretty real for a rubber toy!


Can I just say I love when toys actually have dates on them!  It would make things so much easier if everything had a date stamped on it.  I almost didn't get this because it's not an 80's toy, but I did spend a good portion of my childhood in the 90's too, so I got him anyway.

You can never have too many spiders for Halloween.  I have to hide these away because my poor wife has an irrational fear of these cute eight-legged creatures.  

My pet tarantula

Creepy Long-Legs


Bootleg Terrorantula from Rocks and Bugs and Things!

I could get lost in those googly eyes of his all day!

Terrorantula used to have a squeaky play feature, but the squeaker is broken.  Still an amazing find!

Rubber Halloween Critters
Total Cost: 50¢-$1

What's your favorite Halloween vermin?  Do you still have any rubber specimens from Halloweens past?


  1. The Creepy Long-Legs appears to be a 1979 remold me thinks: