Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spooky Trees Represent!

Showcased here are a couple of spooky trees I've come across recently!


Fist off, just look as this guy! Those sweet skulls, they're candle holders! The tombstone is a nice touch, and that face is priceless!  This is what I love about thrifting for Halloween decorations, you find the most unique stuff!  Where else are you gonna find a spooky tree with 3 flaming skulls hanging out in the branches?  Two of the metal pieces, the ones that the candles fit into, are missing. Of course, I slyly negotiated a discount.

Total cost: 50 cents


Second up, I was actually able to find another spooky tree friend at the DI!  She's doesn't have any skulls, but she does hold a tealight candle.  I was also able to talk the price down due to some small chips.

Total Cost: 50 cents


Lastly, I still have the Spooky Trees from the Monsters Bucket play set on my wish list.  I'm hoping I can eventually find some of the trees, and that awesome skull castle, without having to buy the entire set.  I might just have to eventually buy an entire set on clearance though.


Oh, I almost forgot about this new Dollar Tree solar-powered toy.  It has it all!  From the spooky tree, skull, and Jack o' lantern, right down to the swinging "BOO" ghost!  They were sold out at my local store, so I had to settle for a dancing pumpkin head.  I also found something that almost rivals this, the dancing Haunted House!

Total Cost: $1

Remember all those search and find books that capitalized on the popularity of Where's Waldo?  This weirdo is found inside of the Halloween edition Find Freddie book. Technically he's not a tree, as he puts it,"I'M NOT A TREE! I'M A SPACE CREATURE." I lovingly refer to him as "Gruut".

Total Cost: $2

Do you have any spooky trees decorations/toys or do you know of any more cool spooky trees? Tell me in the comments below!

(Tonight's Feature: The Burbs)

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