Saturday, December 14, 2013

On The 13th Day Of Creepmas...

This week’s assignment from the League: Watch Lists

Last week, we talked about our wish lists, this week let’s talk about our watch lists…
What’s on your Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, DVD, movie, TV watch list?
Maybe we can avert some disasters by our fellow League members.
It's funny just how often The League Of Extraordinary Bloggers' assignments line right up with something I already planned on posting! How do you do that Brian!? Anyway, I know this is a day late and a dollar short, but here is my 13th day of Creepmas watch list!

On The 13th Day Of Creepmas my ghoul friend gave to me,

13 Creepmas movies!
13. Casper's Haunted Christmas on Netflix (So bad it's not good!)

This movie was so straight to video it hurts! The first Casper movie was alright. The second was pretty awful, so it's not like the 3rd movie could get any worse, right? I was so wrong, it's worse, so much worse. Why is this movie on my list then you might ask? Because I had to think of 13 Creepmas movies. Don't worry, the remaining 12 movies are actually at least pretty good, I promise.

12. Babes In Toyland for VHS (1986)

This movie is pure cheese, but I kinda love it because I watched it with my family when I was a kid. We always got a kick out of the low-budget quality of the film. It stars a young Drew Barrymore, Keanu Reeves, and Richard Mulligan as Barnaby Barnicle. We always got a kick out the scenes with that freaky one-eyed bird thing.

11. The Hog Father on Netflix

This is an interesting Creepmas movie I discovered on Netflix last year. It originally aired on television as a 2 part mini series, so that's why it's so dang long (189 minutes). Despite its length I think it's well worth watching. 

10. A Muppet Christmas Carol

Not at all scary, but there are ghosts and who doesn't love the Muppets!?

9. Santa Claus on Youtube (MST3K)

Watch as jolly old Saint Nick tries to deliver Christmas gifts whilst thwarting Old Nick's evil plans. If that sounds boring, don't worry because some guy and his 2 robot buddies, Crow and Tom Servo, poke fun at the movie the whole time and even take little breathers from the awful film.

8. How The Ghosts Stole Christmas on Netflix (The X-Files, Season 6)

This episode wasn't all that great, but it's cute seeing Molder and Scully almost dying and getting all into the Christmas spirit with deadly Christmas spirits. Man I love The X-Files!

7. The Worst X-Mas Ever on DVD (The last episode of Invader Zim)

Zim invades Christmas in an attempt to destroy all humans. GIR sings carols and Dib gets beat up again!

6. X-mas Story, A Tale of Two Santas, and The Futurama Holiday Spectacular on Netflix (Futurama) 

Santa Claus is not so jolly in the future. Santa was replaced by a robot and his standards are way to high, so bolt the locks and stay indoors because Santa kills tonight! Also featuring Kwanza Bot!

5. Gremlins

A Creepmas classic!

4. The Harry Potter Movies on DVD

The Harry Potter movie series is just perfect for Creepmas! They all have a Halloweeny and at the same time Christmasy feel to them. It's crazy seeing how much Harry and the gang grow up throughout the course of the films!

3. The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe on DVD

You know it's gonna be a dark Christmas when Santa Claus hands out weapons for Christmas!

2. Edward Scissor-Hands

Another Creepmas classic! A wonderful story about a misunderstood misfit that makes it snow every Christmas.

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas on Netflix

Maybe this one's obvious, but this is the only film that I can honestly say is the number 1 Creepmas classic! Every year The Nightmare Before Christmas music is streaming through my head and I love it!

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  1. Ah Gremlins it's been a while having not seen that one.

  2. Yeah, I haven't seen it for ages! I really need to watch it again this year.