Thursday, December 5, 2013

On The Fifth Day Of Creepmas... ghoul friend gave to me,


The little sucker don't even fit over my fingers.
Ah classic spider rings, the cheap Halloween staple. Nothing screams Creepmas spirit like spiders. I snagged a bag full of spider rings on the cheap in the Halloween clearance once again. I don't remember ever really wearing spider rings. We'd always just stick them inside of that annoying fake spider webbing. Besides,  I always preferred monster finger puppets to spider rings anyway.

Caroling monsters

I was gonna wrap some cobwebs around the tree, but I think the big tinsel looking webs worked better.

Speaking if spiders, we've been having a little battle keeping the little buggers out of our house for the winter. My wife really hates spiders and is convinced that they have evil intentions. As for me, I have always found spiders to be fascinating and even kinda cute in some instances. Of course I squash any dangerous, poisonous spiders and I don't want spiders of any kind living in my house. We do have a little one crawling around after all. A baby, not a spider.

Check out this sweet spider my friend drew! He's a talented artist,  you should see his other awesome works at his blog MikeACall Creations.

My brother-in-law snapped this picture. That's me taking a picture on my phone. Such a beautiful specimen! My wife was freaking out.

Yes, that is a real black widow. It has mistaken Ava's little tutu for a pink web. YIKES!
LEGO Shelob from the Lord of The Rings theme.

Aww, cute!

What's your verdict? Are spiders good or evil?


  1. I love spiders. I find it mesmerizing the way they move all those legs. Besides being fun to watch they provide a valuable pest removal service. When I need to get my cute spider fix I go to
    Love the drawing and the yellow and black spider, so cool.

    1. Aren't they great? I remember when I was a kid I'd catch spiders in my room and keep them in jars as pets. They're largely misunderstood because people are put off by all them eyes and legs.

      I'm glad you liked the drawing and the picture and thanks so much for the link to the fun website!

      Merry Creepmas!

  2. I figure any spiders that come into my house are fair game to be squished. If they're outside, I leave them alone. And we don't have anything that looks like those around my neck of the woods - and I'm glad!!!

    1. I think that's fair. As long as they keep out of my house they're all good. :)