Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On The Tenth Day Of Creepmas...

...my ghoul friend gave to me,

10 candy stab wounds,
8 Ghosts A Haunting,
7 Rat King heads,
6 cards of evil,
4 squawking crows,
3 ice skulls,
2 bloodshot eyes,
arachnids in a pine tree!

When I was a little kid I would always turn my candy canes into pointy little shivs. That was half the fun of eating candy canes. You shouldn't just eat a candy cane, you gotta suck on it until it turns into a sharp little candy weapon! Hey, when your parents won't let you get a knife for Christmas you have to improvise. Besides, you never know when this make shift armament could come in handy during Creepmas and that's why I like candy canes so much.

Axe Cop, on the other hand, hates candy canes. After seeing what Bad Santa, his arch nemesis, put him through it's no wonder Axe Cop hates them so much!

Do you like candy canes? Did you ever make candy cane jabbers?


  1. I didn't know candy canes had any other purpose. Isn't prison where Candy Canes come from?

    1. I think they started out representing a shepherds cane or something in the beginning, but somewhere along the line candy canes were horribly corrupted. At least that's what I've heard.

  2. You missed the number nine spot. Maybe we could get nine plans from outer space?

    1. Oops! Number 9 was supposed to be 9 lumps of coal, but I do like the idea of watching Plan 9 From Outer Space. I especially like the MST3K treatment of the film. Good idea Erik!

    2. I figured nine plans would be more fitting your sinister seasonal scripts. I mean, if the previous eight plans were as big steaming loads as the ninth...

      Likewise I enjoy the riff treatment, but honestly I could just watch that opening about "The Future" all day. Its such a fantastic collection of nouns and adjectives that mean nothing!


  3. Speaking of the dangers of candy canes...