Tuesday, December 3, 2013

On The Third Day Of Creepmas...

...my ghoul friend have to me,

3 Ice Skulls,

These ice skulls were yet another Halloween clearance bargain I just couldn't pass up. At a quarter each they cost me a grand total of 75 cents! 

Each skull has a little LED light glowing inside. The mouths look like try were cheaply drawn on with a Sharpie. The ice skulls are also made out of the same material as a decorative snowman we used to put out every year. My Mum gifted me the Santa hat and it fits perfectly on the ice skull's chilly noggin.

On another note, it started snowing today! It's time to go outside and build a Snow Golem! All you need to make your own is snow, a pumpkin, a candle, and some imagination!

It's alive! It's a Creepmas miracle!

If you don't have any snow in your neck of the woods, not to worry, just use up those white pumpkins you've been saving up. Or if you don't have white pumpkins you can always stop by your local craft store for supplies and dream up a Snow Gollum ornament.