Saturday, December 7, 2013

On The Seventh Day Of Creepmas... ghoul friend gave to me,

7 Rat King's heads,
6 cards of evil,
4 squawking crows,
3 ice skulls,
2 bloodshot eyes,
& arachnids in a pine tree!

Mike Call creates another masterpiece, the 7 Headed Rat King! Check out more of his art work at his blog MikeACall Creations.

When I was young I owned a copy of The Nutcracker. Normally such a book would never stand out in my mind, but this particular version of the classic tale featured a 7-headed Rat King! Apparently the original story of the Nutcracker, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E. T. A. Hoffman circa 1816, features a "Mouse King" (Mausekönig) with multiple heads, seemingly inspired by the multiple-bodied rat king. Now if they would just stick closer to the original version for the ballet rendition that would be interesting!

This 7-headed monstrosity has to be my all time favorite Creepmas creep!

And speaking of rats, I just couldn't pass up this perfect Creepmas toy, the Hot Wheels Ratmobile!