Friday, December 6, 2013

On The Sixth Day Of Creepmas... ghoul friend gave to me,

6 cards of evil,

Yu-Gi-Oh, such a weird cartoon based on a card game. Or is it the other way around? I don't know, either way I spent hours of my childhood watching this cartoon but never had a desire to ever own any cards from the game. I recently came across someone's stash of once cherished Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards at a garage sale.  Just $6 for a binder and a huge box of 'em. They're probably not worth a darn thing and I have no idea how to play, or what Yu-Gi-Oh means. Never the less I like them as trading cards because the artwork's pretty cool.

There were tons of individual card protectors that were a nice added bonus.

Did anyone else watch Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon as a kid? Did you play the card game? How the heck do you play? All I know is there's something about a grave yard and life points. Is the Blue Eyes White Dragon really all that rare?


  1. By the time Yu-Gi-Oh came around i was a adult working and such but i did play a PS2 video game called "Culdcept" at one point which was a board/card game like this which was great fun but hard as nails.

    1. I was never really into the Yu-Gi-Oh card game or the Pokemon card game. I played the Gameboy Pokemon Blue and Res games before the cartoon or the cards and it's an amazing game! Never understood the need for a card game, but I'm willing to give new old stuff a shot. I only recently found a silver PS2 Slime (at the DI of course), so I haven't played many PS2 games. I was always a Nintendo fan boy. I'll have to check out Culdcept.

      Thanks John!