Monday, January 13, 2014

Creepy Cruisers: The Street Creeper

As you may know I love spiders. So this week's Creepy Cruiser is probably my favorite by far. Everything about this Hot Wheels car is just superb. I can totally see a little spider crawling into the driver's seat and driving off in style!

Very nice paint job, I love it! Great colors.

This little lady has eyes in the back of her head!

Nice attention to detail!

Please, if you spot the Street Creeper cruisin' done your street, have a heart and don't squash it! It's a beautiful little vehicle!

I don't know how the Street Creeper handles on official Hot Wheels track, but I would love to find out. If you have any spare Hot Wheels track laying around or any diecast cars that would fit into the category of "Creepy Cruiser" then please let me know! Thank you!

Also, turns out I'm not the only one that loves terrifying little automobiles. Be sure to check out Dex's Halloween Garage at AEIOU!