Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sneak Peak: A Budding LEGO Space Community

Hey there loyal readers! As you know, my first toy love is LEGO So, it's kinda sad just how lazy I have been about MOCs. I really want to focus more on LEGO this year, as far as toy adventures go. To start I am embarking on a grand adventure of creativity; I will be creating a LEGO city! This won't be any run of the mill city, oh no! My city will be exposed to the cold vacuum of space! Located on some forsaken moon on the far reaches of some galaxy far far away, this city will be home to my LEGO space population. 

At first I wanted to create a traditional LEGO city, with trains, and cars, and cute little parks with those lovely little LEGO flowers. But, let's get real, I have hardly any City/Towne themed LEGO pieces and even less real world cash. One thing I do have a fair amount of is Space themed sets; Ice Planet, Blacktron, UFO, Space Police, even some Classic Space, and I hope to build upon that. Besides, a space themed city just makes sense for me. I love aliens, robots, sci-fi, NOVA ( the TV show), Dr. Who, Futurama, and all the like. Of course, that won't stop me from mixing themes a little. BraveStarr and Treasure Planet come to mind.

This new project should be fun, and I hope to add to the city little by little for the rest of my earthly days, which is just my style. Follow along with my upcoming "From The LEGO Bin" posts where I will feature different LEGO themes as I try to piece sets back together that I find in the ol' bin o' LEGO.

I am always looking to add to my LEGO collection, so let me know if you would like to donate, sell, or trade your LEGO stuff! 

What do you think of my new project? Do you have any suggestions for the city? What should I call the city? Do you collect LEGO Space sets? Doyou have a LEGO city where you park all your space ships? If you do have a LEGO space city, or any LEGO creations, then please share it with us in the comments below!


  1. I am envious of this undertaking; constantly wish that I had the money and resources [and the time!] to build a full-on Lego city. During a brief period of collecting Marvel Mini-mates, I was so into the idea of having a giant diorama to display them constructed from Lego blocks.

    Anyway, I have a shoe-box filled with miscellaneous pieces and some mini-figures if you're interested. There might be some Kreo or Megablocks mixed in, and most of the stuff isn't space-themed, but I've just been sitting on them for a few years now. Let me know..!

    1. It will definitely be a slow evolution, as I too find myself strapped for cash. My childhood collection, which remains largely intact, will give me a good jump start. When I was young I would construct elaborate battle scenes with all our minifigures. Back then I didn't have the space to leave these wonderful displays out on my bedroom floor, but now I have a nice big table where I can leave everything out in the open.

      I would be delighted to have your box o' bricks! Anything LEGO I am always wiling to own, even Fabuland, DUPLO, and Friends stuff. I'll even take the Megablocks and Kreo. I know I've been a bit of a purist Megablocks hater, but inside that bin of LEGO (the one I found at a garage sale a while back) I inadvertently left a few Megablocks pieces in there and I actually like this one battle axe and shield. Also, I'll take any and all themes, space and otherwise. I can still find a way to tie it in. My growing space city will be very light hearted and a little goofy, with a diverse populace of moon ranchers, space cowboys, and even a robot mafia. You can basically put the word "space" in front of anything and it's instantly sci-fi!

      Thank you so much for helping out with the project! Let me know if there's anything in particular you're hunting down and I'll send it your way. We'll be in touch.

  2. Am looking forward to seeing more of your city Mason. : )

    1. Thanks John! I'm pretty excited it's gonna be loads of fun!

      By the way, I have a Mighty Max toy, if you're interested.