Wednesday, January 29, 2014

LEGO Space City Update: New Life Forms

Right now my LEGO Space City isn't much more than a bunch of minifigures and vehicles standing around on a few base plates. I've been having way too much fun than a grown man should building custom minifigs. Meet some residents of Moon 9!

I love all the robot minifigures from The LEGO Movie sets! I always love a good robot.

I'm very happy with this custom figure! The head and serpentine tail are from the Medusa minifigure, the trans-clear helmet is from the old Spyrius droid. The jacket is an old Town torso with a nice Classic Space logo, and the whole thing is tied together with a shnazzy green double lightsaber.

Robo Tuesday and a robot chicken!

Awwww! He likes you! Can we keep it Commander? Huh? Can we, can we? (baby wrap custom piece from

Spyrius Dino alien with a technology sniffing reptilian beast.

I just couldn't help but mix other toys with my LEGO space city! This is a Goo Fish figure I picked up at the DI for a quarter. He looks right at home!

One of my personal favorites, Andy Droid of the Robot Mafia! The Andy Droid head is from the old UFO theme.

Shout out to Eric of Toyriffic for introducing me to Brickwarriors! My Andy Droid got a nice upgrade with this custom tommy gun from Brickwarriors. The cool new mustache piece is official LEGO, from one of The LEGO Movie sets!

I hope to add moon-men ranches, stores, eateries, refueling stations, and other typical city buildings, all in a sci-fi style of course. Also, seeing as how techie the LEGO Ninjago theme has become, I also have plans to add a Space-Ninja dojo to Moon 9. Space-Pirates are also a must, along with any other theme I can transform into a spacey theme.

Current structural builds in progress include Sheriff-Not-A-Robot's Lunar Lockup (a reimagining of set 6755 Sheriff's Lockup), and set 6987 Message Intercept Base, my very first set I built with my Dad and my brother, Dusty, when I was 5 years old. The Blacktron base could take a while, but I hope to be done with the Lunar Lockup within the week. Hopefully I can find the few pieces that I'm missing.

 Stay tuned for more exciting up dates and follow me on Instagram @spacemason and I'm known as Minifignewton on Flickr! I might even start tweeting and stuff, who knows. D.I. Treasures is also on Facebook by the way. So many new social avenues, it'll be interesting.

Thanks for reading! And as always I am open for donations/trades for just about anything LEGO! I'll be reducing my non-LEGO collection to make room, so let me know if you have any LEGO stuff you'd like to trade or just donate to a good cause! 


  1. I must alert my sister. She's also an AWLI (adult with Lego issues)....
    She send me random pics of her Lego men in various acts. And I'm just like supportive but not relating, ya know? ;)
    She may be into this trading with you, I've been telling her to start a Lego blog for a while!
    Dorks unite! ha ha, jk ;)

    1. I've heard the term "AFOL" (Adult Fan Of LEGO), but never AWLI, LOL! I like it! I certainly do have LEGO issues. It's really hard being a fan of LEGO when I don't like to spend more than mere change for toys. LEGO sets are dang expensive, I can't afford to pay so much!

      Your sister should totally start a LEGO blog, I'd totally follow it! I myself am thinking of starting a companion blog to this one that will be dedicated solely to my "Moon 9 Project" as I'm calling it. And speaking of starting blogs, I told my Dad that you said he should start a blog, but he didn't bite. He said he's way too busy and that I will have to chronicle his massive collection! Ha! I will of course. :P

      (In Napoleon's voice) Whatever, I'm not a dork! You're all the dorks, GOSH! XD

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks John! Always glad to see you drop by the DI Treasury!

  3. Love it! Those are some fun customs! And I really dig that baby wrap, I might have to get me a few. The hilarity is endless!

    I need to get myself one of those Robo-Western gals for my Harley Quinn minifigure as that hat/hairpiece would look perfect on her!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I really dig the baby wrap piece, it's perfect! I don't know why The LEGO Group never thought of it. I can create my whole family in LEGO minifigure form now!

      The hat's sweet! It's a seaperate piece that plugs into the hair. Set 79108 Stage Coach Escape also has the same piece with a little more color.

      By the way, I really like your custom Sandman! I need to find some of those KreO gas masks for a Doctor Who related custom fig.

    2. Thanks! I'm pretty proud of my Sandman! If I get over to Target and they are still on clearance I'll keep an eye out fpr a gas mask for ya. I still need to finish digging through my Legos here to see how many of those pieces I might have that you are looking for. I'll keep you posted!

    3. Hey thanks Eric, I appreciate that! By the way, I finally found all the pieces I was missing for the Deep Freeze Defender! Sorry you had to go searching through your LEGO bin. If there any LEGO pieces you are hunting down then let me know! (And your LEGO slime machine is awesome!