Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Reflections: The Council In Heaven

Today our Primary class learned about following Jesus Christ and about the council in heaven before we came to this earth. We had the kids draw the council in heaven and everyone that was there. 

We learned that since we are here on earth today and have mortal bodies, we choose Heavenly Father's plan. Satan rebelled and was cast out with his followers. Since they rebelled they did not receive physical bodies and are evil spirits. Satan and his minions try to tempt us to rebel against God. 

I love teaching Primary with my wife, it's always fun learning with the kids.


  1. Enlightening the youthful mind can be rewarding.

  2. Jerome and I work in the 4 year old class at our church. We've been in there for the last 8 years with a few breaks here and there. It's an extremely fulfilling avenue for us, watching him teach them and be tender with those little guys is one of the cherries of life.
    That's an excellent rendition of Jesus, by the way.

    1. It's great you guys get to teach the little ones. I love teaching children, they're so close to the Spirit! A few years ago my wife and I served as Nursery teachers for ages 18 months-2 years. Most people dread a calling in the nursery, but my wife and I loved it! We would teach them a simple lesson and then we'd all play with toys! (And you know I was right there playing with the toys, right along with the children. No shame!) We were in heaven! :D