Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Cards #4: Swimming with Creature Feature

Capitol City Antique Mall is one of my new favorite places. There is plenty of overpriced junk, sure, but there is also tons if underpriced junk, like this Creature Feature card!

The cards are of a cardboard-like material. I hadn't encountered them before now, so I did a bit of research (I googled it). Produced in 1973 by Topps, Creature Feature cards came with "1 stick gum plus picture cards". The cards are so hilarious that "you'll die laughing". I dang near peed myself from laughter when I read the above ghost joke!


  1. Mason this card is amazing....and the Creature Feature set is a satirical masterpiece. I've run across a few in my life, but this Gil-man one is just EPIC.

    1. They're pretty fun, I just couldn't resist picking up a few including another Gil-Man card. I'm running out of October, I need to post the other card soon!