Sunday, October 5, 2014

New(?) Monster Finger Puppets!

I picked these guys up for fairly cheap at my local Zurcher's Party Store. They're totally rad and absolutely warrant their own dedicated blog post!

The set came in a clear bag and we get 2 of each mold, making for 12 finger puppets in all. They all have unique hands from one another, which is a nice touch. Let's name them off!

1. Zombie Vincent Price

 2. Ghoulman

 3. The Fiend, with exposed white brain

 4. Frankenstein's Finger Puppet

 5. Harold

 6. Reanimated Ernest P. Worrel, with punk rock hair do.

The Worrel Brothers?

Raise your hands in the air like you just don't care! Mwahahahaha!

I picked these up sometime in September and I think they were a dollar or so. Great deal and a welcome addition to the creepy toy family. 


  1. These are cool but creepy all at the same time lol.

    1. Indeed they are, and that's why I love 'em! LOL!

  2. Those are great! They have a very 70's feel to them.

    1. Yeah, I love the look of 70s toys and these have that nice 70 patina to them. :)

  3. Pretty fun!

    And I see your intern is helping you out by keeping an eye on Slimer in that first pic :)

    1. They're great!

      Ava is obsessed with Slimer! She loves him so much and she likes to Slime him (chew on him). I started watching The Real Ghostbusters with her and she goes crazy whenever Slimer's on the scene. I'm doing something right. :)