Sunday, October 26, 2014

Unintentionally Scary Commercials

What the HECK Sony!? What is up with your creepy Playstation commercials!? Nintendo doesn't do this kind of crap!

Okay, maybe Nintendo slipped up just once. The Duck Hunt dog is PURE EVIL!

What did I just watch!? No more chocolate for me!

Just what the crap was McDonald's thinking with these commercials!? The second one is straight out of Stephen King's IT!

Man clowns are creepy!


Howdy Doody scares the crap out of me! I still have vivid memories of a horrible nightmare I had where that evil puppet was trying to kill me. His head was much larger than usual and he would just float there in the air. Luckily I was able to defeat this evil puppet and make his head explode into a million pieces!

I blame Goosebumps Night of The Living Dummy series for my fear of dummies.

I would never trust that doll in my house!

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  1. The girl in that first commercial looks a lot like the girl in the System of a Down Aerials video.