Saturday, October 8, 2016

Halloween Hunt: Capital City Antique Mall - The Addams Family candy containers

In Downtown Salt Lake City lies a favorite old haunt of mine, Capital City Antique Mall.  Usually when you think of antique malls you picture overpriced McDonald's toys from the 90's, but I've actually found some good stuff here at some great prices.  Here's everything that caught my eye and my little finds I took home:

 1960's Halloween pails

 Creepy Ben Cooper Pac Man!

 Pretty awesome tree! Just not $12 awesome.

 Oh snap snap, dooleedoo, snap SNAP! Price is right here, score!

 Butt load of turkeys!

 A little steep.

 Well hello! Customized creepy little figurines, neat.

Check out the artist's Facebook page

 Did a bit of research and it appears there were only 3 candy containers made.

They fit right in.

 Uncle Fester was curious, so he cracked open Lurch's head.

Skulls, bones, and..."bomb"...?

Finds: Sealed The Addams Family cartoon candy containers, 1x Uncle Fester, 2x Lurch! Who dares me to eat the 20 year old candy?

Cost: $1 Each!


  1. I do - I dare you! It actually looks well preserved.

    1. Haha, yeah, they do look nicely preserved. Just hard candy, I bet they taste the same as the day they were made. Maybe just one little nibble. :) Can't be as bad as say some old Ecto Cooler or something.