Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: "Here There Be Monsters"

There was an amazing variety of top ten lists put together last week by the League. Let’s keep it up with this week’s challenge to the Pop Culture League… 

Here there be Monsters

‘Tis the Halloween season!
I missed out on last week's top 10 challenge, so here's my top 10 list
Mason's Current Top 11 Monster Toys

Plushies in the back: Generic little green canine I have nicknamed Comet and made the official mascot of my Instagram  account @spacemason.
He eats robots as food.  To his right is the one eyed duck.  For the life of me I can't remember his name.  He is the plush version of a toy that is actually from a line of capsule toys, probably A&A brand. I knew the toy line at one point, can anyone help me out?

Front Row Minifigures: Custom made LEGO Cthulu. Jawbreaker from the BurgerKing Z-Bots toy line, and Zar-Zar from Crazy Bones, perfect little army builidng figures!  Zar-Zar was available in several colors, which I am trying to hunt down currently.

In The Middle: Mystery vampiric golf ball squeaky toy!  I still have yet to ID this weirdo.  Rib from Pirates of the Galaxseas acting as spider jockey on a generic spider toy, MADE IN CHINA.  And everyones favorite slimy ghost, the vintage classic Slimer!  Behinf them we have Frogacuda from the Other World line, and the Playmobil new comer, The Stilt Ghost!!!

So there you have it, my top 11 monster toys in my collection.  Always looking to add Jawbreakers and Zar-Zars to the army, and IDs on the vampire golf ball and the one-eyed duck.

What are your favorite monster toys???  Check out more monstrous posts from other League members below! 

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  1. Nice selections. Z-Bots is a way underappreciated line!

    1. Thanks! It's true, they weren't your usual Micro Machines faire. My brother and I were way into them and I still love the line to this day. Brainiax almost made the list as well, but Jawbreaker is just a perfect army builder.

  2. An One-Eyed duck is too awesome to be true! One of the default avatars on Windows is a yellow rubber duck. Why didn't I think about a one-eyed version?

    1. Isn't he awesome! I really wisj I could remember his name and toy line. I had looked it up at one point, but I've forgotten. Every time I Google search "one-eyed duck toy" all I ever see are the eye-popper ducks.

      The other animals from the line were actually pretty normal. The duck really stands out with that one eye.