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Pop Culture League Challenge: Here Comes Halloween! - 2016 Halloween Toys in Review

Pop Culture League Challenge: Here comes Halloween!

Last week, the League was all about fears and frights, and we’re going to wrap up the Halloween theme this week with one last topic. This week’s challenge to the Pop Culture League is…

Here comes Halloween!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

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This will likely be my last post for a while.  I wanted to post every day in October, but alas, I'm too dag gum busy!  To wrap up the final Pop Cultue League challenge for Halloween I thought I would share my thought on 2016's Halloween toy must haves.
LEGO Series 16
There were 3 must have's from LEGO Series 16, and I finally found the ones I was looking for:
Cyborg Woman, Devil Boy, and Vamp Boy

Imaginext Series 7
Fisher Price Imaginext really knocked it out of the park again! I really want almost all of these, but two of them are way too good to pass up for sure, Pumpkin Ghost, and A FREAKING GHOSTBUSTER!!!!
Check out that PKE Reader!

Awesome Proton Pack!

Playmobil Mystery Fi?ures series 10

THE STILT GHOST!!!  Halloween 2016's unofficial mascot!  Just look at him!

Stilt Ghost

Isn't he glorious!?  The only really Halloweeny figures, unless you count the cool wizard and the new robot, which was included in my submission for Day 24 of the #Miniween2016 challenge on Instagram.

Mechanical Monstrosity
When I first tried to put this guy together his arm shot off and I couldn't find it for weeks!

Hot Wheels 2016 Halloween Cars

Normally Mattel's Hot Wheels releases 5 special Kroger/Fred Meyer exclusive Halloween versions of their vehicles, and sometimes Target also has their own exclusives.  This year we saw 8 new Halloween cars!  Check them out!

Bone Shaker, this one has seen may Halloween versions.  I like the spectral wheels


Deora II, my favorite this year!

16 Angels

Ryura LX


Blvd. Bruiser & Vandetta

McDonald's The Great Pumpkin



That pretty much covers the 2016 Halloween toy high lights.  Did I miss something good? What toys did you pick up?

Halloween cometh for these Pop Culture League members as well:

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