Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nerd Cave Tours: Halloween Mood Table - Ghost Shelves

I better get to the Halloween mood table/shelf before Halloween is over!  Starting from the bottom, I give you the Ghost Shelves!  Almost everything on my shelves were found inside a DI thrift store and you may notice a trend in the price of the items.

 1. Monsters University Reggie Jacobs plush (DI find $1)
 2. Snickers Ghost Pail, sans lid/skullcap (DI find $1)
 3. Porcelain realistic pumpkin faces (DI finds $1 each)
 4. Wind-ups and mummy PEZ (Dollar Tree, Michaels, and DI $1 each)
 5, 6, 9, 10. Porcelain Ghosts, I really like #9 (DI finds $1 each)
 7. Vintage candle holder and Maggot-Headz skull (childhood & Walmart 2-pack for $1 )
 8. Blackstar Alien Demons (Trade with @darthmoondog on Instagram)
 11. Chupa Chups Franky Head (Donated by Pop Pop! It's Trash Culture!)
 12. Plugin stack o' lanterns (DI find $1)
 13. Hardee's Halloween Hideaways (childhood)
 14. Porcelain Spooky Tree & Zombie Finger Puppet (DI find & Dollar Tree $1 each)
 15. Porcelain Vintage Style Ghost, with plastic skull flashlight (DI finds $1 & 50 cents)
 16. Custom made clay monster
 17. Plastic cauldron w/ bat (DI find $1)
 18. Halloween pail head plush (DI find $1)

Night Shot!

Definitely going to bring this guy trick or treating with the kids.  Gotta figure out a costume to match.


  1. Nothing over a dollar! Love those light up ghosts.

    1. Aren't they great!? They were made for candles, so I just added the dollar store fake electric tea candles to light them up.

  2. Great spooky collection! Love the day and night look.

    1. Thank you! You gotta light things up, Halloween displays aren't nearly as impactful otherwise. :)

      Also, I'm always searching for Halloween cartoon specials. Did any of the TMNT cartoon series ever air a Halloween episode? I can't seem to find one. Thanks!