Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tombstone Corners: 2016 Buildings

Sadly, The Tombstone Corners Halloween village series saw no new minifigures this year.  There were at least a few interesting buildings to add to the village, some of the best in fact.

First off, let's get this out of the way.  There were some figures, but they're freaking giant!  They're okay I guess, but I want residents that are at least close in scale to the buildings.

This is just what the village needed!  The undead need a good education if they expect to become a successful detriment to society.  They are very strict about punctuality and have looked out that poor ghost.  School starts promptly at 11pm, and the doors have been ghost-proofed, no sneaking in by phasing through.

Not really much to say about this one.  It's a house.  I like the purple roof.


Another village staple.  The living check in, and they check out dead.  The giant purple spider is a nice touch and I love the orange roof!  Previous buildings were all pretty bland.

RIP Town Hall
Great new building to add to the graveyard district of Tombstone Corners.  Situated next to the Ghost Train Station and in front of the Village Mortuary.  Reaper loves chilling on the roof.


Similar in style to the bone gazebo, you gotta have a bone bridge!  No one wants to walk on all that pesky grass.  Residents actually fit on the bridge, unlike the gazebo which is a bit too small.

Not a bad addition, I especially like the Jack-o-lantern.  Sadly didn't come with matching stone walls.  The previous iron gate matches the iron fences better.

Not stay out, just "OUT". SPOOOOOOOKY! LOL!  "OUT" is in, in Tombstone Corners!  Mr. and Mrs. Monster love to hang outside their home all night.

And there's another way out...

Keeping up with the Jones's dark "OUT" house from a previous line up.

Mr. and Mrs. Witch Pumpkin Home
The clear winner!  Look at this thing, it's perfect!  I wanna live in a giant pumpkin!

There's even a nice side entrance. :)

Does anyone else have a Halloween village?  What do you think of Tombstone Corners this year?  Any tips on making my village spookier/cooler?

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  1. As someone who enjoys the Christmas Village displays people can make it is fascinating to see someone that does one for Halloween! I agree that the clear winner is the pumpkin house, but that RIP Town Hall is freaking awesome!

  2. I always wanted to build my own Halloween village but never got into it until Tombstone Corners came to Dollar Tree a few years ago. I want to build up a Christmas village too and I've been picking up things here and there at the DI.

    So I'll be clearing out the Halloween village soon to make room for the Christmas village, stay tuned. :)

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