Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Reflections: The True Meaning of Halloween

As a member of the LDS faith, have have been watching the 186th General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which is broadcast live on October 1st-2nd.  The spiritual and inspirational direct my mind to the deeper things in life, such as the true meaning of the Halloween season.

The Onion really has a good point here, but I think Halloween goes deeper than outward pagan rituals (brief history of Halloween).  To me, the true meaning of Halloween isn't about candy, horror movies,  decorations, parties, or costumes (though that is a fun part of it now), rather Halloween to me is about facing the one thing most everyone fears...DEATH.  Many people are fascinated with death, because there is so much mystery surrounding the topic.  

We will all die.  Where do we go when we die? Did we exist in some form before birth? Do we cease to exist after death?  Everyone has their own beliefs regarding death, it is inescapable.  I believe that since so many fear death, Halloween has become a holiday about facing fears, like ghouls, goblins, witches, space aliens, homicidal maniacs, you name it, it's all about fear, fear of death.  Jesus Christ overcame death and lived again, resurrected and restored with an immortal body.  When I think of Halloween, I think of death, dead leaves fall to the ground, we harvest our crops before the cold death of winter approaches.  Death is a part of life, and the Savior takes away the sting of death.  So, when you celebrate Halloween this year, don't fear death.  The Son of Man hath overcome, all shall be resurrected and live again.  Have fun with friends and family, eat some candy, watch spooky movies. Make this mortal existence better for someone else, extend a hand of kindness to another.  Carve Jack o' Lanterns with your children.  This is the true meaning of Halloween.  

What do you think is the true meaning of Halloween?  Am I way off, spot on, or somewhere in between?  Tell me in the comments below!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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