Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloween Minecraft 2016: Hagatha's Witch Hut

I love the cackle of the Minecraft Witch!  

So, I decided to bag me a witch by tagging one and named her Hagatha.  She nearly killed me with a poison potion, but I was able to lure her onto a walled in property I had prepared.  I later had to lure her into a trap to contain her whilst I built a fine witch hut and cauldron area.  Now I can stop by anytime and say hi to my neighbor, only she's not very appreciative.  The old hag hit me with a potion of slowness while I was sheering my sheep.  How rude! 

Fun fact, did you know if a Villager is truck by lightning they are transformed into a Witch?  That's a rock fact!

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