Saturday, September 28, 2013

Move Over Sponge Bob, There's A New KIng of Crazy Crap, Uncle Grandpa!?

I thought I'd share this scary cartoon with everyone, since Halloween is right around the corner.

Uncle Grandpa reminds me of MAD magazine. It makes shows like Flapjack and and Sponge Bob look like Masterpiece Theater. I don't think I could ever get into this show, it's just too messed up, and yet I just can't stop watching this weird, mindless stuff. Thought I'd share.


What do you think of cartoons these days? Are they all weird random crap, or are there some modern gems? Are there any older cartoons that can top Uncle Grandpa in craziness?


  1. The thing with Spongebob and Flapjack is that there is some underline or hidden brilliance to them. Regular Show has this too in spades but from the few clips i have seen of this Uncle Grandpa i have really not seen it yet and it does come off more weird and random like you have said but maybe it will get better or maybe not. I don't plan on investing anytime into it to find out at lest for now.

    1. I like all 3 shows, especially Regular Show. I actually didn't like Regular Show at first, but after I gave it a chance I ended up liking it.

      As for Uncle Grandpa, I don't know. Just the title itself sounds like something a 5-year-old came up with. I love the art style, but the subject matter is a little high on the bizarre-o-meter.