Friday, September 18, 2015

Nightmare on 13th

I'm not sure why, but Halloween is HUGE in Utah!  Like "quit your job and turn your home into a haunted house for Halloween" huge! So it comes as no surprise to me that the best haunted house in the nation is Utah's Nightmare on 13th, located on 13th South in Salt Lake City.  It has been been so long since I went to a haunted house that I'm not even sure if I have been to The Nightmare on 13th. I'm pretty sure I went there with friends and family a few times when I was a teenager.  It's always like stepping into a crazy nightmare, because as you walk from room to room things change so drastically, it's weird.  My only fear is that some for reals maniac with a chainsaw will sneak in there and start cutting people to shreds, but everyone will think it's all part of the act!  I've seen that happen 1,000 times on TV and in movies.  One thing I really like about Nightmare on 13th is the exterior!  They really went all out and made it look like a haunted house.

I just had to stop and check out the new animatronic dragon outside. (I have a video of it that I will upload later.)

The dragon seems to be a re-paint of 2013's dragon.

You can see the animatronic dragon above the entrance there.  She's more of a teal this year.

Very interesting lave ghost mural, definitely not your average theme.

I found this interesting steampunk style mural! I wonder what they're going to do with that theme, I have never heard of a haunted house including steam punk horror, but I like it!  There really should be more steam punk horror films.

Do you have a local favorite haunted house that you like to visit every year? Do you create your own in your garage? Do haunted houses freak you out or do you love them?


  1. It looks like it would be great fun to visit!

    1. Indeed! I don't think I will be visiting though until the kiddos are much older.