Monday, September 7, 2015

Tombstone Corners - Part 3: Newly Deads and Gargoyles

One of the less "poo your pants awesome" sets from 2014 was the Gargoyles set. It kind of felt like a filler, but I just had to have it in order to complete the series.

Just in case 3 gargoyles wasn't enough the 2015 series including 2 sets with a random gargoyle.

Do evil, speak evil, be evil.
The 3 gargoyles really aren't bad.  I like the details and the paint apps look fantastic since they're just one solid stone-gray color with slight detailing.

The electric chair zombie is pretty sweet!  I can really see this guy chilling in front of a haunted house, just like an older timer might sit on his porch in a rocking chair.  The lady on the right seems to have a mirror in her hand (or is it a comb?).  Is she a vain ghost? Is she a newly converted vampire checking for a reflection? Or maybe she's Bloody Mary herself!

The 2nd 2015 gargoyle set includes this lovely mummy couple!  Tombstone Corners really did a great job with these two! 

But hold on, the gargoyles are identical!? Also, I just noticed this as I', writing this, they also have 4 breasts each...

With 2 identical gargoyle figurines, I think it's safe to say that these were meant to be "newly deads" sets, the gargoyles acting as the wedding officiant. The zombie/ghoul and ghost/vampire lady appear to be part of some kind of shotgun wedding from beyond the grave.

And if you feel like Tombstone Corners needs even more gargoyles, then be sure to pick up the 2014 Gate figure, sporting 2 cat-like gargoyle sentinels.

Look at those cute little cracks.

That's all for now, THE END.


  1. So where exactly are you buying these? I need to pick up a few of these!

    1. They're hitting Dollar Tree stores right now. You can order them online for local pick up as well. I highly recommend them!