Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tombstone Corners - Part 1: IT'S ALIVE!

Ah, Tombstone Corners! The cheap Dollar Tree version of all those overpriced Halloween village collections we all wish we could afford. Tombstone Corners first made its appearance in 2014 including plenty of cheap, awesome figurines with sloppy paint apps.  They were such a hit with the kiddos that they are hitting stores again this year with a bunch more figurines! Lets take a look at the 2014 and 2015 Frankenteam!

2014 Frankenstein set

This was such a great set, I had to snatch it up last year! What good is a Halloween village without at least on Frankenthing? 

A nice classic looking Franky and a lime green Bride
 Frankenstein's Monster almost looks like a normal human in costume, what with his suit coat and blue jeans combo. The redhead bride could also be in a costume, but who can tell for sure?

I love the female version of Dr. Frankenstein with her wrench and flask!
If they are all just playing dress up then Dr. Frankenstein is really in character! This feminine take on the doctor is really refreshing.  They're doing it with Ghostbusters, why not with Frankenstein? 

2015 Mad Scientists Set
Things just get better in 2015!

This was the first 2015 set I came across and the grin on my face looked just like Igor's!  The young scientist proudly displaying a brain is great. I wonder what her relation is to the older mad scientist fellow.  Perhaps her father?  He must be so proud.

I love this guy! He's perfect with his skull, large hump, crazy grin, and electric helmet!

I give you...BRAINS!

They're all one big happy family!  Next week we'll meet some of the neighbors!

What do you think of Tombstone Corners? Have you picked any of these up? Have you ever built a Halloween village? Any advise on terrain? I just used construction paper.  I need help!


  1. Those don't look bad for $1. I bet you could find some old Christmas village houses and modify them to work with these guys.

    If you have any mossy areas in your yard, I bet that would work well for these guys too.

    1. That's a really good idea! I remember seeing some tutorials on converting the Cobblestone Corners (the Christmas counterpart to Tombstone Corners) into Halloween village buildings and figurines.

      We do have some moss in the yard, but not too much grows here since it's so dry in Utah.

      Thank you for the tips! I hope to post updates on the village as it progresses, so stay tuned.

    2. I completely forgot that you were in Utah. I guess that would make it a little harder to find moss laying around.

      I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. I had some of these little figures as a kid. They're probably still floating around my parents house somewhere.

    I just got back from vacation in Gatlinburg, TN and they have many massive Christmas shops that carry the expensive, upscale Halloween villages. I could sit and look at those things all day long!

    1. Here in Utah we have a fun little place called Gardener Village that has a bunch of little shops that go all out for Halloween. One of the shops always has a huge Halloween village with a train to boot! I would always get lost in there as a kid. I have always had a fascination with miniature toys. You can fit so much into a smaller space! Traditional play sets were always too big and expensive when I was a kid. One reason I love Mighty Max so much.