Friday, October 11, 2013

Fungal Friday:Halloween In A Garbage Can!

It started out innocent enough, it was a beautiful autumn morning and I decided to take Baby for a nice walk. 

We hadn't even walked a block when I came across a tightwad's paradise, the ultimate FREE sign!

No cheapskate like myself can resist such an offer, so we strolled over to the porch first.

A nice couple of owls, perfect for Halloween!

Here's what I pulled from the porch.

The baby looks really sinister

classic yarn art

The flowers really jump out on this one!

This one is my favorite! I hope I can convince Laura into letting me keep it.

Nice, this stuff takes me back to the 60s and 70s! Of course I was born in the 80s, but hey, who doesn't love yarn art?

After I picked through the porch trash I stopped and looked at the dumpster for a minute. Now I've never been a dumpster diver, but I just had to have a peek!

Oh look, an old DI bag. That's usually the mark of a hoarder.

Yes, I pulled a few things out of the trash. My first dumpster dive. I feel dirty. Trash Man and Joe Eyeball would be proud! I left the cans of food, here's what I pulled.

Definatly needs a good scrub

What is this thing? It opens from both ends.

Just look at this cutie! Saved from a life in the dump, just needs to go through the wash. I freaking love owls!

My wife will never wear this. I guess I'll have to wear it when I cook.

All in all, a very profitable stroll! I know my wife won't let any of this into the house. Besides the negative stigma attached to dumpster finds, she also doesn't like "old stuff". Oh well, I can always sell this great junk on Etsy or to a consignment shop. They eat this stuff up!


My sister wants the little owl friend. We seem to share a similar love for good old vintage items. What do all ya'lls think? Have I reached hobo status? Does anyone want any of this stuff?


  1. Fun finds! I always think my plastic canvas pieces are all going to end up in a dumpster one day. Maybe someone like you will find and save them. :)

    1. I don't know how those would ever end up in the trash, and if they did you better believe I'd be there snatching them all up from the rubbish bin! :D

    2. Hi, Joe. Do you blog about your plastic canvas pieces? I'm into it. ;)

    3. Yes, Laura. You can check them out here:

  2. Dumpster Dive! Have not done one of those in a very very long time. Great finds Mason.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one to have gone diving. I've picked up plenty of things from the curb, but never have I gone into a dumpster. It was nothing like a nasty city bin though, no slime or nothin'.

  3. My family had that owl pic in our house in the 70s!

    And that box is a television tube box, either from a salesman or repairman. VERY cool!

    1. LOL, I had a good feeling that was a 70's piece! It will fit right in next to my "Chief Lightning Thunder" yarn art portrait, but that's for another post for another day.

      Wow, a TV tube box!? I was thinking of storing toys in it or something after I clean it up a bit. Cool!

  4. Random thought, whenever I grab things from the curbside I always think of the White Stripes song Rag And Bones.

    How did I miss this post?!!? I regularly read your blog. This is TOO crazy. And I know it has everything to do with that owl print because I have found 3 exact prints in the last year and the last girl who came over also has it on her wall and she sent me a pic to prove it.... here is where I blogged about it once...
    I LOVE everything you found here, Mason. Everything. That tube box is awesome. Please hide it all in your garage and visit it from time to time when Laura is away from the house ;)
    This blog post got me more excited than any I can remember in a while. How did I miss this?!

    1. Heh heh, I knew you'd dig this stuff. I guess this post just got lost in the constant Blog-O-Ween posts. I hear you have a birthday coming up soon, maybe I should send these here mushies on over to ya.