Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mason's Top 13 Toons For Halloween

When it's almost Halloween, or when I'm just in the mood for something spooky, these are the cartoons I love to watch; especially on a Saturday morning!

13. Courage The Cowardly Dog

I love the TMBG song about this show. My favorite episode has to be The Duck Brothers.

The gruesome cartoon based on the SEGA Genesis games Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey.

12. Scooby Doo

I'm sure You all saw this one coming, but I still have to watch this show every year, I simply must. I will not watch anything with Scrappy Doo, however! He can keep his "puppy power" to himself!

11. Disney's Gargoyles

Back in the day Disney came out with awesome cartoons like Gargoyles! Now we have Phineas and Ferb. Come on Disney, what happened!? Kenner made a great Gargoyles toy line and some of the figures are featured on Miss M's blog Diary of A Dorkette.

10. The Real Ghostbusters

Another obvious one, but an absolute must watch for Halloween. And that toy line, it was amazing! This should probably be closer to number one, but oh well. This episode is perfect for Creepsmas Garfield, is that you?

9. Homestar Runner Halloween Specials

Unarguably the best Flash animation site ever to grace the internet with it's presence! If you've never heard of or seen then what are you waiting for? Go watch some toons NOW! I looked forward to the holiday episodes every Halloween! It was always fun seeing all the characters dressed up and guessing who they were for Halloween. It's sad to see the site has been inactive for some time, but all the old cartoons are still posted, so if you haven't seen these go watch them now!

8. Looney Tunes Cartoons Featuring Witch Hazel and Gossamer The Monster

Gotta watch some classic Looney Tunes!

7. Disney's Classic Halloween Cartoons

I thought I'd cheat a bit and just clump these all together. I especially love the cartoons starring Donald Duck. Disney instilled a love of ducks in me with Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, Quack Pack, and The Mighty Ducks from the Disney Afternoon. Also, who could forget when Pluto dreams he's in heck! That's some pretty heavy stuff for kids! Lastly, the Disney animated short, Sleepy Hollow, is also another must watch for me.

6. Mighty Max

Remember That amazing toy line, Mighty Max? Well, there's cartoon series, and get this, it's pretty good! I came across a great review on  the Little Weirdos blog and I was reminded of this little gem that my brother and I watched religiously! Right now there are full episodes on Youtube. You're welcome!

5. Beetlejuice

Who didn't love this show as a kid? This was a great cartoon to watch during Halloween or any time of the year. And Let's not forget the awesome toys they made! Unfortunately they are all lost or possibly hidden away in my parents garage somewhere. Fantastic intro music too!

4. It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

Just classic, I have to watch this every year! I love Peanuts! Charles Schultz was a genius, plain and simple.

Ah, Bump In The Night. A show about a monster that lives under a boy's bed, Mr. Bumpy, and his 2 friends, the toilet dwelling monster, Squishington, and a rag doll gal, Miss Molly Coddle. I love stop-motion animation and I loved watching Bump In The Night as a kid. The series isn't technically in the horror genre, but it's about monsters, so that's close enough, right? My favorite episode was Night of The Living Bread.

2. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors

Kid's loved it and moms everywhere hated it. Good old Treehouse of Horror! We love the Simpsons and watching ALL of the Treehouse of Horrors episodes for Halloween continues to be a yearly tradition.

Best couch gag EVER! This year's gonna be good!

1. Invader Zim

Invader Zim holds a very special place in my heart. I remember borrowing Invader Zim from, my now wife, Laura. Any excuse to go over to her house and see her! I also started borrowing her Ender's Game books. It was a match made in heaven! While we were dating Laura got me the bestest Christmas present ever, The Invader Zim box set!

Every episode is messed up, disturbing, satirical, and very funny! The creepiest episodes have to be Dark Harvest and Bestest Friends. I don't really care for any of Jhonen Vasquez's comics, such as Johnny The Homicidal Maniac. They're just way too violent, gory, and "adult" for my tastes. Since Invader Zim was on Nickelodeon Vasquez was censored just the right amount, though he hated being censored and was always pushing the envelope.

Here's GIR, just chilling in front of the house/secret base

GIR being his goofy, insane self. 

Every disturbing episode, plus special features!

GIR's head opens up for snack storage. Just like in the show!

The roof opens up for storage. Also just like in the show!

Some nice detail on the side here.

One thing that confuses me about the GIR figure is that he's in "duty mode" (his eyes are red) and yet he seems so relaxed. Whenever GIR is in duty mode in the show he becomes all intense an temporarily competent.

I'm sure I didn't even scratch the surface of Halloweeny cartoon goodness! Is there a great cartoon that didn't make the cut? Tell me about it in the comments below! Now, go pour yourself a nice big bowl of Boo Berry and watch some toons!


  1. I like the top 5, except for Bump in the Night. Never seen that, so I guess I should check it out.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like them honey! Bump in The Night was a little before your time I think. It was great, we'll have to watch it together. :)

      Oh, and one runner up I forgot about is Making Fiends! We should watch those!

  2. Some of these are favorites of mine, too. Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes were a staple every Saturday morning in the 70s! :)

    1. I almost didn't include Looney Tunes or Scooby-Doo, because they're so main stream obvious, but they're just too classic and I like them too much not to include them.

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