Sunday, October 6, 2013

Monday Morbidity: Garbage Pail Kids

Good old GPK (Garbage Pail Kids)! Everything about them just screams Halloween. I loved flipping through my Dad's old collection of GPK cards.

Whenever someone mentions Hot Pockets I always think of this.

Some of them were pretty brutally violent and I can imagine most moms out there hated these things. Recently, I was a runner-up winner of The Third "One Man's Trash..." Free Giveaway Results at Pop Pop, It's Trash Culture! It's pretty much the best blog around, Brian, AKA The Trash Man, is lord of all trash! In this case trash=insanely awesome treasures like comics, toys, and pins. And speaking of pins, you may have spotted a few pins that I won on a previous post. Just look at these beauties!

These now "live" next to my Cub Scout pins on my coat.

This reminds me of my daughter right now, bless her heart!

The GPK pin came sealed, so I have a nice check list! I wonder what "RADIO ACTIVE!" looks like.
Arthur from The Tick! I love Arthur. He kinda reminds me of Dilbert.

I'm gonna wear these bad boys with pride! Thank you Trash Man, you're my hero!

Also, did you know that there are NEW GPK cards? Well, there are, and when I heard about it I was all over it!

Here's a new pack I picked up recently:


So cute!

This one's my fav of the pack.

Pretty cool Hulk!

One thing I didn't know back then was there was a friggin' movie! It's just as well, even though I loved the cards, this thing probably would've scarred me for life! It got absolutely horrible reviews and the GPKids were creepy as sin! Here's the trailer:
It's currently available on Netflix, I'm tempted to check it out. Should I watch it? I'm scared.

There was even a cartoon too! What the wha!?

Only in the 80s. The glorious, glorious 80s!

Despite the fact that the movie did horribly, there is rumor of a new movie! God help us all.

What do you think of GPK? Do they gross you out or do you wanna catch 'em all? Do you have one with your name on it? I've always wanted one with my name on it. Does anyone own an Amazing Mason, or a Mason Mace? Can I have it? I'll trade ya for it!


  1. Always loved looking at them, but never collected them.

    1. Yeah, I never collected any either. My Dad's collection was fairly big, so I never really felt the need to pick up any of my own.

  2. Of course they were awesome when we were kids, and I remember lovin that nasty movie. The premise is some kid that's making a fashion line (crazy, right?) at least, that's what I remember. Tacky denim ensembles with studs and bedazzling everywhere, ha! And oh my gosh, a scene where the garbage pail kids are using there snot to make the clothes.... barf!
    Now I really don't want to see them. I have a knee jerk reaction, actually. That's just how the cookie crumbles ;)

    1. Wow, that sounds pretty gross, even by my standards! I don't think I'll e watching the original or the new movie, if it is ever released. The new cards are fun though, and I really like my new pin. My favorite thing about GPK was bonding with my Dad as we looked through his collection.