Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dad's Collection: Aurora Monsters

The year was 1961. Aurora Released the Universal Monsters Frankenstein's Monster Model. My Dad, a young boy 6 years of age, was instantly drawn to this wonderful model. Back in the day if you wanted a cool Franky model you had to paint that sucker yourself, and that's exactly what my Dad did. He did a great job too, and he was only 6!

Soon after Dad brought Frank here to life Aurora released The Phantom of The Opera, duuuuuunnnnndundundundundun!

Gaaaaah! My hand!

The Phantom had a little accident and lost his hand and mask.

Pretty neat, huh! These are the only 2 models my dad has the pleasure of owning. I always keep my eyes wide open for the rest, namely The Wolf Man,  Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde, The Mummy, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Dracula, and The Creature From The Black Lagoon.


  1. It's awesome that you still have these. Extra special that your dad painted them as a kid. Very cool.

    1. Yeah, they're awesome! My Dad has quite the varied collection and was largely responsible for me catching the collecting bug.

      The fact that me Dad painted these himself makes them all that more unique an special. These 2 models really only scratch the surface of my Dad's huge collection of toys, comics, trading cards, and other pop culture memorabilia. I hope to feature more of his collection in the future.

      Thank you for the kind words!

  2. Replies
    1. You said it John, they're just amazing models! I think there may be contemporary version of these models. That may be the only way I could possibly track down each of the monsters missing from the collection. That or eBay perhaps.

      Thank you for you comments John! I hope you're enjoying the Halloween season!

  3. Awesome! So cool to have something that has a history behind it, too!

    1. I know, these are really special! I just love knowing the history behind items like this. You can bet that these will stay in the family for generations to come and will become family heirlooms of the cool variety. They're the perfect vintage Halloween decoration. My Dad has the Phantom's hand somewhere, so we should be able to glue his hand back on and then we can see him in his full glory.

      Always good to hear from you Caffeinated Joe, thanks for stopping by!