Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wicked Wants

This week’s assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is an idea submitted by Tommy over at Tophat Sasquatch… — When you hit up the toy store, thrift store, flea market, or comic shop, what are some of the things you’re actively hunting?

As you all know my wife and I are quite fond of lists. In honor of Halloween, my list will only include items that are at least vaguely related to this holiday of holidays, otherwise we might be here all day. We might still be here all day. I hope you all enjoy!

Halloweeny List O' Haunted Wants

Vintage One-eyed Monster PEZ Dispenser
Any Vintage Halloween PEZ Dispensers
Vintage Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors) Candy Head

T-shirts with cereal, food, and candy branding 
Moon Boots (for my Napoleon Dynamite costume)
Curly Wig (Also for my Napoleon Dynamite costume)
Napoleon Dynamite style glasses

Furniture and Housewares
Vintage Black Kit-Kat clock (or any color really, but I prefer black)
German Owl Clock
Any vintage or cool Owl décor
Vintage Halloween Themed Tablecloth
Vintage Halloween Decorations
Animal Head Mounts and other cool taxidermy
A Real Mummy Hand
Reconstructed Animal Skeletons
A real monkey skull
Mounted and framed bugs (butterflies, spiders, beetles, etc.)

Books and comics and trading cards
Original Tales From the Crypt Comics
Any Halloween related MAD Magazines
Goosebump Books (I'll spare you a list of the ones I don't have, the ones I do have are tucked away somewhere)
Garbage Pail Kids cards and figures
Creepy Pogs, I had these one Pogs that had severed body parts on them, but I've lost all my Pogs. I think they were Jots brand, but I'm not sure. I want those again so bad!

Video Games
Splatter House II for SEGA Genesis
Any scary game from any system
I always keep an eye out for a steal on an arcade machine, full size or mini


Original Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Toy Line
Slimer's Pizza and other accessories
Any figures and accessories from this line

Any sets and figures from the Monster Fighters theme
Any sets and figures from the Wolfpack Castle theme
Any skeleton figures
Any vintage Pirates figures and sets
Any Harry Potter Figures or sets
Custom Zombie Figures
Any LOTR figures and sets
Any Dino themed figures and sets
Any robot, alien, and space figures and sets
Any figures and sets from Pharaoh's Quest or Andventurers Themes
Spooky figures from any of the Minifigures series. I don't have with a spooky or potentially spooky theme:
Lady Robot
Island Warrior
Evil Mech
Female Scientist
Saxophone Player
Crash Test Dummy
Gorilla Suit Guy
Space Villain
The Monster (Frankenstein)
Egyptian Queen
Cave Woman
Ocean King (Merman)
Jungle Boy (Tarzan)
The Thespian
Alien Villainess
Business Man
Fortune Teller
Sad Clown
Mr. Gold

Any figure and sets from the Ghost Pirates Theme
Ghost Figures
Skeleton Figures
From the new Mystery Packs:
Witch Figure
Original Specials Executioner
Jail Bird
Pirate Captain (with skull)
All Alien Figures

Original Beetlejuice toys
Anything from this line

Any spooky figures, including aliens and robots, and accessories from this short lived toy line

AC from Bendos line holding a MOTU He-Man battle axe.

Accessories for Moss Man and Grizzlor
Pretty much any He-Man baddy

Sectaurs Warriors of Symbion
I never owned anything from this line, but I would love to get my hands on some figures. As you know, I love bugs, so these are perfect!

Another toy line I knew nothing about as a kid, but now I want 'em!

Army Ants
I actually had some of these back in the day, but they're all lost. Again, bugs.

The Inhumanoids toy line
I don't know how I never knew about the Inhumannoids cartoon show when I was younger. I would have loved it. The toys are just scary as all heck!

Mutant League toy line
This show cracked me up as a kid. In the intro you watch in horror as football players mutate into hideous monsters. The main character's flesh melts off his bones and he becomes Bones Justice. From then on they didn't play normal football, oh no, it was now the Mutant League! Tearing off limbs, or even decapitating your opponent was no longer considered a penalty, in fact it was encouraged. The show didn't last very long, I wonder why?

Mighty Max
The cool boy version of Polly Pockets! These were some awesome toys and my brother and I had some sets as kids. Of course, like most of my childhood toys, they're all gone and I want them back again!

Original Aurora Universal Monsters Models
All of them!

In general I look for monster, skeleton, alien, and robot figures of any kind.

That's all I can think of right now. I'm always on the look out for a lot of cool junk, so if there are any sweet Halloween related things I missed then please let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you have some of the above listed items and are willing to part with them or trade or something, then please contact me @

And if you have one of said items, but just can't part with it, then that's okay, I still wanna hear about it!

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Thanks for reading and happy Halloween Hunting Season!


  1. I don't collect like you do, but i love toys. If i could find any it'd be old TMNT toys, specifically Slash

    and a foot soldier

    These were my favorite toys as a kid. I've been wanted to get all the new TMNT stuff, but aint nobody got money for that. (well, just me really)

    1. Sorry it took me so dang long to reply to your post! I remembered reading it and searched and searched for it. Turns out the auto-SPAM-anator thing put it under SPAM posts! Stupid thing! Oh well.

      I love the original TMNT toys! We never really had many as kids, just a few of the turtles and that was it.I'm glad I came across Muck Man and Eric was kind enough to send me his companion figure, Joe Eyeball, along with 2 other companion figures, Biting Bulldog Buddy and Wingnut's companion, Screwloose! I like buying contemporary toys, but I try to avoid it as much as possible, because it can get expensive. Besides, nothing beats finding some really cool, vintage toy from your childhood for super cheap! That said, I won't buy any vintage items from eBay unless they are dirt cheap. I always keep my eye out for TMNT figures, so I'll let you know if I see Slash or a Foot Soldier.

  2. Did you get my email regarding Joe Eyeball?

    1. You can guarantee a Halloween blog post will be dedicated to the reunion of best friends Muckman and Joe Eyeball. There will be a slime party! I'm so stoked!

      I can't thank you enough! God bless you Eric!

  3. Oh yeah, sorry, I'm terrible at checking my email. Thank you for the reminder Eric!

    I got your email and I can't thank you enough! I'm so excited, you're way too kind! I owe ya one!