Friday, October 4, 2013

Freaky Friday: Trying New Haunts

I do about 90% of my Frugal Friday shopping at the DI. It's just easier that way because there are DIs freaking everywhere in Utah! This week I thought I'd change things up a bit and try out our local Goodwill. I didn't even know there was a Goodwill nearby until we happened to spot one as we drove by. I probably wouldn't have even noticed it if it weren't for the Goodwill Geek. Go check out his blog, it's freaking awesome! I've read all about the awesome things the GWG has spotted at the Goodwill, so I thought I'd try my luck.

Very ominous weather.

When I arrived I noticed there was a Halloween Express next door and a Toys R Us just 2 stores down. Pretty neat. Inside there weren't many shoppers, which I love, more stuff for me. The DI is always swamped with people, it's brutal.

The prices seemed a tad higher here, which isn't all bad, because that means things will tend to stay on the shelf a little longer. I spotted an awesome Dragon Slayer coloring book for $1.

The back cover is pretty sweet!

Tons o' grab bags. Similar to what you might see at Savers.

There were a ton of toy grab bags priced between $2 and $4. Sitting on the shelf in the toy section I spotted a nice little gem.
Nothing to see here, just an unassuming, tiny-headed lumberjack.

This weird shrunken-headed lumberjack caught my eye. I could tell right away that it could transform. The transformation was a thing of beauty! BEHOLD!
My, what big feet you have!

After Mr. Lumberjack's true identity was revealed it was a no brainer that I had to have him, even though he was missing a wing. I wasn't 100% sure what he was from, but I had a pretty good hunch this was a Ghostbusters toy of some kind. My hunch was confirmed by a quick internet search later on. I had discovered a VINTAGE KENNER 1988 REAL GHOSTBUSTERS, THE HAUNTED HUMANS, HARD HAT HORROR GHOST ACTION FIGURE!
Now Slimer has a friend! I thought Hard Hat Horror was $1, but apparently every item with a yellow tag was half-off. I didn't know this, but everything at Goodwill is color coded, and every week one color is half-off for that week. Cool!

Look at that sinister face!

The "human" face is scarier though!
My last, and absolute favorite, find of the trip was this absolutely adorable Flower costume! It was just Ava's size and only 2 bucks! The Halloween selection at the Goodwill puts the DI to shame. 

Look at this cutie! Melts my heart, I love her to pieces!

So, the verdict is in, the Goodwill will become one of my new haunts. All you Utahans, don't forget to check out a Goodwill near you every once and a while, you can find some great stuff!


  1. I love how they have all those grab bags pegged like that at ours everything is just scattered everywhere if they have any bags at all. Michigan Goodwills are just terrible.

    1. Yeah, the DI is like that too. Grab bags are dang rare and you're lucky to find one. It does vary a bit depending on location. There are a butt load of DIs here, but I rarely visit other locations. What are the prices like at your local Goodwill? So they still have good stuff?