Saturday, October 12, 2013

Know Your Ghostbusters

This post is dedicated to my good friend, Michael, and his princess bride to be, Krista. May you two find happiness as you are married and sealed to one another this day for time and eternity. I wish you eternal life and exaltation in the life to come. Soon you will have big-headed children running around, and this will bring you great joy.


Of all the creatures of the night I have to say ghosts are my favorite. So, obviously I am a big fan of Ghostbusters. Now, the average person doesn't know about the evolution of the Ghostbusters idea and if you are that average person, then this post is for you! And if you're not that average person then this post is still for you! Let's take a walk through Ghostbusters history.

Disney's The Lonesome Ghosts (1937)
I love this cartoon, classic Disney! 

The Original Ghostbusters (1975)

This looks like some kooky fun. A little before my time.

Ghostbusters (1984)

Such an awesome movie. We had a copy on VHS that we recorded off of TV. I watched it all the time. I later found out that parts of the TV version of the movie dubbed over swear words and cut out a naughty ghost scene. I didn't mind at all, in my opinion, "I'll sue your 'funny face' for wrongful prosecution" sounds much funnier than the actual undubbed version of the movie.

Filmation's Ghostbusters (1986)
I never knew this show existed until a few years ago when I was researching a DI toy find. The intro is great, I wanna watch this series and get my hands on some of the toys.

The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991)
One of the best cartoons ever! The toys were just as awesome.

Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters (1988)

I love Slimer, but this was just too much. Still a good show though.

I remember seeing this in theaters and I loved it. I know it's considered the lesser of the 2 movies, but I wasn't able to see the 1st movie in theaters, I was only a few months old when it came out.

Extreme Ghostbusters (1997)
I saw a few episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters. It just wasn't the same as its predecessor, but at least they tried.

Ghostbuster III

 We can only hope Ghostbusters III comes out soon.

Well, thanks for watching kids! I hope you learned something new, and if you already knew all this
then you are a true Ghostbusters fan, congratulations! If you didn't know all this, well then, congratulations, you are now a true Ghostbusters fan!What is your favorite version of Ghostbusters? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Have you played the video game that came out a couple years ago? All the original voices of the 'busters, and you get to be the rookie! It's fun!

    1. I actually picked up a copy for the PS2 for fairly cheap and I haven't even played it yet. It looks really fun, but it's been so hard to find time to play video games lately. I have a little bit of free time later today, so I ought to try it out.

      Good to hear from ya Eric!

    2. Yup, having a baby around really limits video game time...and any other time for that matter!

    3. You said it Eric! Have the time when I'm blogging I'm holding the little cutie. She's sleeping in my arms right now, which makes it pretty hard to type. I wouldn't trade it for the world! :)

  2. Love the Filmation Ghostbusters and really want to get some action figures for it at some point.

    1. Yeah, they're pretty neat. I came a across a toy that I thought was a Ghostbuster toy, but it turned out to be a Tex Hex from Bravestarr. Still really cool though!