Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Flatwoods Monster


Aliens have crept their way into Halloween and it's no wonder. They're super intelligent, butt ugly beings heck bent on turning our insides out and raising the next alien hybrid brood! 

The "Greys" are pretty dang creepy, but my favorite alien being (well, right after Alf) has to be The Flatwoods Monster. 

My very first experience with the Flatwoods Monster was actually through the popular Legend of Zelda video game, Majora's Mask. I knew nothing of the creature at the time, but I knew for dang sure that these things weren't "ghosts". Years later I discovered that the Majora's Mask ghosts were clearly based on the Flatwoods Monster.

(Great theme song for The Flatwoods Monster)

I soon after discovered that the beast had slipped its way into yet other video games!

Amagon final boss (SPOILER ALERT!)

It can even be summoned forth in Super ScribbleNauts!

There was also an interesting documentary about The Flatwoods Monster on the History channel that I rather enjoyed. It's kinda long, but it's worth watching.

Lastly, the Phantom of Flatwoods has been immortalized in toy form:

Man, what an awesome toy! Creepy, yet awesome.


  1. Replies
    1. You can say that again! This creature is one of the creepiest cryptids I've ever heard of! The episode of Monster Quest is pretty awesome. I love the computer generated reenactments of the witness accounts.

  2. There is another action figure of him too I think it was sold along with a Moth Man action figure too but i can't remember now but i know Reis of the Dork Horde has a set of them.

    1. I wish I had me some toys. I couldn't find the Mothman and Flatwoods Monster on The Dork Horde blog. What do they look like?