Friday, October 18, 2013

Frightful Friday: The All New Crimson Crew

I went on a little adventure to The Family Dollar. I hadn't been to one in ages, so I thought I'd pay a visit and see what I could find. While I was there I came across a bin of generic looking, army men type bin of pirates. I almost passed it by, but I decided to peek inside, and I'm glad I did.

Looks like your average cheapo bin of plastic figures, right? Wrong! Hidden away inside I found this:

It's the Flying Dutchman's undead crew! And they're all stained blood red! There was also a scurvy, mortal crew for these immortal monstrosities to slaughter, but who cares about them? Let's take a closer look at the Crimson Crew!

Clearly the Cap'n

Pistol Whippin' Pete

Standard Skeleton Spearman

I like the detail on the shield.

This guy has a scroll in hand. A map leading to untold cursed treasure perhaps?

Awesome sword!

The Bowman is pretty sweet!

I thought these were flags at first, but they're axes.

No cursed pirate crew is complete without a big guy with a medieval chain mace!

They all have a lot of character, despite being skeletons. Some are more scarce than others. I'm also a little surprised at the quality. The figures don't show any signs of flak! There was also a fair number of duplicate figures inside.

The bin also came with the usual butt load of plastic filler. The sizes of the tridents, spyglasses, trees, and sails are way out of proportion with the figures.

These are the best props of the lot.

My money's on the skeletons.

Black Beard will rue the day he messed with Bone Beards motley crew!


  1. How cool are these guys! I dig them and for only $5 what a deal.

    1. I love 'em and the price was right! I've been wanting some skeleton minifigures ever since I saw some really cool ones on one of my favorite blogs.

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah, they have a classic yet new vibe. I love pirates and I've never seen pirate skeletons like these before, they're great!

  3. They are cool-looking skeletons! I think my favorite is the guy with the shield or the one with the gaping mouth, haha. Responded to your email. :)

    1. Yeah, they're pretty neat! The guy with the gaping mout is pretty bad A, I love his armor and his scimitar. He's not doubt yelling a bone-chilling battle cry of the undead!

      The Spearman with shield totally reminds me of Sinbad and The Argonauts. :)

      Thanks or taking a look! I'll email you back soon.

  4. Hi Mason Its Darren hear from England, We communicated a few days ago, When you said to me before about buying some Skeleton figures from you i thought you meant the New BlueBox Pirate figures and as i said i want to buy a full tub of these figures if and when i can get hold of them, Soon i Hope. Before i couldn't click on to see what you were offering me, But now that i have managed to see what youv'e got i am interested in these Red Skeletons which i havent seen before. They look very similar to the Toy Major Skeleton figures of which i have many in Cream colour. So if your still interested in selling them i am interested but i just want to ask, How many figures do you have to sell? How much do you want for them? Can you get hold of another full tub of them? I very much look forward to hearing from you again.
    Regards from Darren

    1. Sorry for the late response, I really should check in more often.

      I have seen many of the cream colored skeleton/pirates sets and they seem to be the exact same molds, except these reds ones may be slightly smaller. I will have to measure them to be exact. I have only ever come across one set of these, labeled as "Pirates Playset" as you can see in the picture, purchased from a Family Dollar store. I will do some hunting for another complete bucket, but as far as I have seen these aren't available anymore.

      Either way, I will let you know.


    2. Hi Ok Mason thanks for the response, Let me know when your ready. By the way what do think of the SCS Direct Monster figures, And the Upcoming BlueBox Pirate Skeletons and Orcs & Elves. From what ive seen i cant wait to get my hands on these figures. I really hope that this sets a trend and we see more of these kind of Fantasy figures in 50mm to 60mm Scale.

      Regards Darren

    3. Sure thing friend! The SCS Direct Monster figures look awesome! Any fantasy toy soldier is a great toy in my book. I try and find everything retail, so i haven't purchased anything that isn't available locally. As far as I know I haven't seen any SCS Direct Monster Buckets in stores around here in the US.

      Shot me an email to and we can figure out all the details on getting you these crimson colored skeleton pirates. If I can't find another bucket then perhaps I have some other figures you might want that I could throw into the bucket as well, such as the Walmart exclusive Zombie figures, Imperial Toys Cavemen, Ninjas, Robots, & Monsters, etc.