Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Reflections: Cancer Fighters

I recently saw some pictures of  my friend Houston who is fighting off leukemia. It brought a smile to my face seeing him and his wife together, playing with the new Monster Fighter LEGO sets.

This is just so awesome! 

Before Houston was diagnosed with cancer he purchased tickets for Salt Lake Comic Con. When the date for Comic Con arrived they couldn't go, because he had to stay in the hospital. But that didn't stop them! They had there own Mini Comic Con at the hospital and built this awesome Monster Fighters Haunted House! They are such troopers, it really inspires me to live my life to the fullest and give all my thanks to God!

Thank the Lord Houston is enduring well through this great trial. This is the latest update from his wife, Denise:

"Houston is on Day 9 since his transplant. My mom helped me realize this brilliant way to remember the day we’re on. September 30th was Day 0. October 1st was day 1, October 2nd was Day 2, October 3 - Day 3, etc. Simple and brilliant. Thank you, Mom!

This past week there hasn’t been much to report since Houston’s done a pretty job keeping it boring. We like it this way. The doctors and nurses are happy and optimistic with how he is doing, and so are we. It feels good to finally be able to say this. Houston is a walking miracle. He was very sick when he was admitted to the hospital 4 months ago. When we arrived on June 14th the doctors told us if we hadn’t come in when we did he would have lived a week or less. But I will stop talking about that because right now he is doing amazing! 

Houston’s fungal infection in his blood went down to 67 this week. He’d been over 500 for the last month, and the lowest he’s been since he originally got the infection in July was around 180. Happy news. 

His white blood cells are still at 0 but the doctors are expecting his counts to start coming in over the next few days. We know his body is hard at work repairing itself because he is extremely fatigued all the time. He spends a most of his time sleeping or just resting with his eyes closed. He also feels nauseated quite a bit. It takes all his strength to go on his 3 walks and do his incentive spirometer every day. Eating is still a chore, but fortunately he hasn’t lost his taste this time around. He has no appetite so Christine and I spend a lot of time figuring out what to feed him. Christine and my mom take turns bringing us homemade food. They rock at it. 

Some of you might be wondering what comes next. The hours in the hospital just keep passing by, we take it day by day, and all we can do is wait. Once he has white cells and can maintain a decent amount of neutrophils we should be able to go home. We will still have to come in every day for a quite a while, but hopefully there won’t be anymore long hospital stays. Everyone, we’ve been living in the hospital for 4 months. Four months. We are 

Thanks for all your tremendous support.

Love, D"

Everything they've had to endure for the past 4 months they've done with a smile on their face. Of course they've had their fair share of tough days and break downs, that's normal. Most of all they've reaffirmed my faith in God and have taught me a thing or two about enduring trials.

Thank you Houston and Denise, you have been true examples to me of stalwart Christian soldiers! Keep fighting on, I know you will kick leukemia's butt! We are mindful of you and you are always in our prayers.

Join us in Houston's battle to fight Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia


Houston's Fortitude: Surrounded with Love


  1. Wishing good, improved health, competent doctors and caring nurses to all!

    1. Thank you CJ! Luckily Houston has some great doctors and nurses working hard to cute him 24/7.