Friday, October 25, 2013

Dusty and Jerica's Collection: Putrid PEZ and Poisen Pogs

My sister-in-law Jerica (yes, her name is Jerica, just like Jerica from Jem and The Holograms!) is quite the collector, and with it being Halloween n' all I thought I'd share with you some spooky members of her PEZ and Pog collection.
 First off we have this awesome scarecrow guy! He looks like a perfect mix between a scarecrow, a jack-o-lantern, and Pinocchio! I like the green body too. Pretty dang neat!
 Then there's Mike Wazowski of Pixar's Monster's Inc. Man I love that movie! That ending still makes me shed a little tear every time! :.) I still haven't seen Monsters University.
 Jerica also has these amazingly awesome Mini PEZ bugs! I didn't even know there was such a thing as Mini PEZ! I really like the caterpillar, he's pretty choice. And oh my gosh, the eyes on the pink bug! 
Dude, the queen bee here looks so somber. So doesn't mess around!
Speaking of eyes, check this bug out! The bee eyes are just amazing!

Now, Jerica was smart enough to actually save all her Pogs, unlike myself. Let's have a look at all her poison Pogs!


 Dude, Pogs! Gotta love 'em! I remember the poison Pogs most of all. Before every match everyone would have to set the rules straight, no 8-balls, Poisons, OJ 32s, or any other crap like that! If I recall correctly, if you're playing a Pog match and you flip over someones poison, then they get the whole stack, hands down. How lame is that!? I lost a lot of Pogs that way. I swear kids just made up rules as they went along so they could accumulate more Pogs! Those jerks!

I've got me eye on this one!

This Pog here is pretty cool! It's not your typical, perfectly round shape. Pretty niffty!

Z-Bots Pog!
 Smart thinking saving your Pogs Jerica! Now you can save them for future generations to gawk at. Thanks for letting me share some of your awesome Pogs with everyone!

I like the cover of RE0.

Last up, I just wanted to share these books from my brother Dusty's collection, Resident Evil Novelizations! I borrowed RE0 several years ago with the intent of reading it, but it never happened. You know how it is trying to find time to read stuff. If the novelizations are anything like the games, then the first, classic Resident Evil is the best of the 2. Thanks for letting me borrow these bro and for letting me share them with the world!

And let's not forget the awesome GPK Chrome Pack that Dusty got me just because! Thanks again Dusty!

Here they are in all their chrome glory! I think Thorny Barb is my favorite

Oh man, I'm totally saving this TV card for Thanksgiving! Sorry guys, no football today, we're watching M.T.V. Here, lemme just cranked that up a bit. Feel free to dance along guys. Hey, could you pass the gravy please?

Bahahaha! I hope I'm not this bad!
This Cheapskate License cracked me up. I totally wanna join the "TIGHT-WAD ASSOC.", Ha!

That's it for today kidos. Halloween is almost upon us, so don't forget to get a costume ready pronto! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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